Gdansk Conference System

A state-of-the-art conference organisation platform – everything in one place!

A comprehensive set of tools which enables you to
  • reach users via a professional event page created directly in the system,
  • manage user registration via an online ticket sale mechanism,
  • quickly verify participant attendance during the event thanks to a conference card system and an organiser app,
  • and always remain in touch with the attendees via a participant mobile app, which is also part of the solution.

  • Promote your event – the system enables the creation of dedicated project page for free. 
  • Shorten registration times – only a few clicks are enough to register for your event and purchase a ticket. You gain access to a full list of attendees, whom you can contact before and during the conference via a dedicated mobile app.
  • Long waiting times for those who register on the day of the event? Not anymore. Thanks to the participant and organiser applications, registering on the day of the event takes only 25 seconds!
  • Effortlessly organise leisure time activities for your guests. As an organiser, you gain access to a range of local tourist attractions, along with discounts on tickets. The participants only need to launch the mobile app or use their conference cards and enjoy the attractions you have selected.

Explore the system

Create a professional event page

Creating a page for your event takes only a couple of minutes – simply add your logo, photographs, information about the speakers and the schedule. Most importantly, however, set up the participant registration or ticket sales module. 

Event pages created using our system also look great on mobile devices.
See sample event page.

You can also link the page to your website or create a custom template.

Time to begin the registration!

You can quickly and easily configure your own registration form – you can specify ticket prices or free entry categories, as well as discounts. Choose from two payment models and begin the registration – everything in just a couple of minutes.

Time for the event!

The day has come! The participants have received an e-mail with a unique QR code entitling them to claim a starter package, a special participant card and application login information. The application is an intuitive solution which helps guide participants through the entire event, working almost like a personal assistant. Your Organiser’s panel enables you to send notifications to conference participants and stay in touch with them at all times. Learn more about the participant card  and  the mobile app.

Organiser section

You already know about the greatest advantages of the Gdansk Conference System – now it is time to see how they perform in practice! Sign up as an Organiser and enjoy the unlimited possibilities offered by our solution!

Create an organizer account

Conference app for users

The participant application enables you to communicate with attendees in a simple manner during the event. You can broadcast all important information to ensure a comfortable experience for your guests throughout the event.
Registration on conference day, event schedule, speaker list, marketing information from sponsors, leisure time activities, even gamification –– all this via one app!

The application is available for Android and iOS devices.

Event schedule

The application enables you to share detailed event schedules with the attendees and modify them at any time if necessary. Users are automatically notified about any changes you make. No more exorbitant printing costs and large, unwieldy folders. We care about the environment. 

Information about speakers

This feature offers convenient access to information for your guests. The application enables users to rate individual presentations. This enables you to collect valuable feedback from the attendees.

Access to individual user eligibility lists

The mobile application gives users access to their individual lists of events they are eligible for as part of the conference. Selected presentations and workshops, an evening banquet or study tour? All this is always with them.

Stay in touch

Add and edit event information in real time. Use the Organiser panel to send notifications about lunch, delays, new panels starting and side events. This information is displayed in the form of push notifications on telephones which have the application installed.

Post-conference questionnaire

Feedback is extremely important in the world of modern events. Ask questions about the event in real time via the app when the experiences are still fresh.

Application instead of card

The participant app can serve the same function as the conference card. Individual QR codes in every app enable users to enjoy their dedicated offers.

Tourist Card and 24 h ticket

We want to ensure that your event and Gdansk make an impression on your guests. Our mobile application offers participants a set of discounts and free tickets to local restaurants and tourist attractions. The application also makes it possible to purchase public transport tickets at any time.

Group notifications

Want to inform the participants that their workshop is about to begin? Select the appropriate workshop group in the Organiser panel and send them a notification. This function has a multitude of uses! You can notify your guests that their coach is waiting in front of the hotel, or even send messages to individual participants.

Communication during events

Facilitate interaction between participants and speakers – let your guests delve deeper into the issues discussed during the event. Questions asked in the mobile application are displayed on the host’s or speaker’s screen. This gives participants a sense of agency – they are not just passive listeners.

Conference card for conference participant

Registration using the GCS Card

You can order a set of cards for your participants. A card can contain information concerning, e.g. eligibility to claim a starter package, participate in closed workshops or receive lunch. Users can charge the card via the mobile app or at a tourist information desk at any time to add a public transport ticket or purchase access to the many attractions Gdansk has to offer. 

Mobile app for the Organiser
Cards are scanned by conference staff using mobile phones with the Organiser’s application installed. Using the cards and the verification app enables you to find out how many guests actually attended your event and which presentations or events they participated in. The application is available for Android and can be downloaded from Google Play. 
Not just a conference venue

We want your attendees to stay in Gdansk for as long as possible and have a great time. Every participant card contains a set of discounts for restaurants and tourist attraction tickets. We have prepared a special selection of local attractions which you can add to the card.

Dedicated card for your participants
The card can be designed to fit the theme of your conference, serving as a nice souvenir for the participants.

paid event
  • Prowizja 2.5%
  • Bez abonamentu i ukrytych opłat
  • Dedykowana podstrona wydarzenia
  • System rejestracji uczestników
  • Aplikacja mobilna dla uczestników
  • Aplikacja mobilna dla organizatora
  • Pakiet narzędzi statystycznych
  • Pakiet działań promocyjnych
unpaid event
  • Bez prowizji i abonamentu
  • Dedykowana podstrona wydarzenia
  • System rejestracji uczestników
  • Aplikacja mobilna dla uczestników
  • Aplikacja mobilna dla organizatora
  • Pakiet narzędzi statystycznych
  • Pakiet działań promocyjnych

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