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New flight connections with Scandinavia


After a series of flight cancellations due to COVID-19 pandemics, finally Gdansk’s airport has a reason to celebrate. There are more passengers and because of that Norwegian airlines decided to boost their offer of regular flights. We will be able to use more connections as follows: to Copenhagen from 1st of May, to Stockholm and Helsinki from 2nd of May and to Bergen from 3rd of June. 

As the airport informs, current net of connections will be further bolstered: Copenhagen two new flights a week (Thursdays and Sundays), Stockholm two new flights a week (Mondays and Fridays), Helsinki 2 new flights per week (Mondays and Fridays). To Bergen passengers will have 2 flights per week in general (Mondays and Fridays) at their disposal. 

That will allow us to reach Northern Europe in a fast and cheap way and what’s even more important – tourists from that region will get yet another good reason to fly to Gdansk.