Even though water covers most of our planet’s surface, its pollution levels are staggering, and they are getting worse. See what you can do to stop this destructive process!
●   Do you provide your guests with access to drinking fountains so that they do not have to buy bottled water? Do you inform your guests where they can find them? Rent water dispensers.
●    When booking the venue, did you choose one with water-saving equipment, such as dual-flush toilets, low-flow taps and showers, timer taps or taps which close automatically?
●    Do you provide the staff and guests with single-use bottles?
●    When renting portable toilets, do you choose providers who are economical, do not require a tank and make safe use of grey water?
●  Does the venue prevent the contamination of rainwater and watercourses, eliminating surface run-off and waste and reducing the use of chemicals?
●    Educate and encourage all interested parties to manage water in a sustainable fashion.